My remix for Rina-Artist-Page is out now on Fuchsklang Musik and available on Beatport! *miau*


Here`s a Video of the Golden Kalimba made from a decoration Bowl.

It`s tuned in different Scales and 2 Piezos inside the Kalimba lead the Sound to a 6,3mm Jack.

I went to the Plänterwald / Berlin to record some percussion sounds from trees. A supersensitive Contact Mic was used with a Piezo Preamp and the Zoom H1 Field Recorder. Finally most of the sounds were distorted and i have to check the setup again , the contact mic is awesome.

If you touch the tree on a branch 2-3 meters away you can still hear the deep , wooden sound. I`ll record again with some stones or sticks and better adjustment of the Mic. But there where enough useful sounds to fill a Drumrack in Ableton , check the video for the first result.

 Or Download of the sliced Sounds :



Here`s another new live Instrument , a Tin Music Box with an attached Piezo Disc as Pickup.

 I found this in a local Toy Store and it`s great as an percussion and melodic Instrument.
I mostly loop my toys in my Live P.A.,put some filters and FX on it ( like Beatrepeat ) or resample it to a Native Instruments Maschine Pad to play it per Midi Keyboard.

It`s easy to build your own Contact Microphone for other Toys or Percussions ,
for example like this Tutorial.
Or solder the Piezo to Jack.
It`s recommended to use a speacial Preamp for Piezos because of the high Impedance.
You can build you`r own with Schematics like This , but i bought a cheap one from Ebay and it works fine.

Mieke Miami "Shine" Remix

The Remix of Mieke Miamis Song "Shine" is available for free download on Miekes Soundcloud and was posted on FAZEMAG.

Her wonderfull album will be released on Sonar Kollektiv soon...

"With her debut EP „Break Of Dawn“ the Berlin based Mieke Miami whet the appetite for the upcoming long player already last October. It’s the beautiful morning serenade “Break of Dawn” itself which opens up this eleven track strong album named “In The Old Forest” ringing in springtime in a augustly levitating manner with Mieke’s sugar-sweet voice. Thereafter the album’s title track takes us by the hand buoyantly and leads us through this wondrous, old forest, which has a multitude of stories to tell. For instance one about a man without shoes (“UFO”)"


An Arduino based Sample Player with  Pitch- and Low Pass Filter Control.

On my hunt for an Sampler without SD Card for the Arduino i found the Mozzi Library written by Tim Barrass. This Guy is an amazing Enchanter ;).Thank you Tim for your help on the mozzi forum. The Library implements all the stuff you need for Synths, Samplers and Sounds on the Arduino , here`s the overview from the Mozzi Page :

  • 16384 Hz sample rate or experimental 32768 Hz rate.
  • 8 bit or 14 bit audio output modes (12 bits on Teensy 3.1).
  • PWM audio output on Atmel-based boards, or true analog out on Teensy 3.1.
  • Variable control rate from 64 Hz up.
  • Useful basic audio toolkit: oscillators, samples, lines, envelopes, scheduling, filtering.
  • Fast ADC and other cpu-efficient code utilities to help keep audio running smoothly.
  • Example sketches for easy modification.
  • Readymade wavetables and a script to convert your own soundfiles for Mozzi.
  • Designed to be easy to use, open source and extendable. 


    Things I proudly managed : 
    • Convert WAV files to Wavetables with Phyton Scipts and Command line.
    • Use Old Arcade switches for trigger and change Samples.
    • Use Button States in Arduino to run different Program Codes
    •  Debug Buttons with Boolean = false ;
    • Put all the shit together in an old Soap-Bubble-Gun , glue Switches and substitute the 3 x 1,5V Batteries with an 9V Block.
    • Use Adafruit Neopixels ,triggered by the Sample trigger Button.
    • Use Mozzi at all,because it`s a little different from normal Arduino code.
    Still to Do and Fails :
    • MIDI IN. i started a sample with MIDI in but could`t pitch/play it.Next time i`ll try it again.
    • Couldn #include the wavetable.h file to my script so ipasted it direct into my script instead of #include

      See my workin Code on GITHUB

    My DJ Podcast for and EUAM Artist Management , thank you for havin`me !

    Tracklist :

    Anne Clark - The Power Game
    The Micronaut - Close Up Picture (Mooryc Remix)
    Viktor Talking Machine - Abby
    Huminal - Pocket Universe
    Indieveed - Dreamscapes
    Calvin Harris I`m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)
    Cosmic Cowboys - Perseus (Betoko Remix)
    Miraculum - Hologram (Electricano remix)
    Martin_Peter - Humina
    Notize - Small Minds
    John Cosani - Spaceman (Kastis Torrau Remix)
    Erich Lesovsky - Wall of Wadding
    Devo - Patterns

    Roland and Frederick Brückner from animated the Intro Clip for the 32C3 , the Chaos Computer Club Congress in 2015 and Roland asked if i could do the Music and Sounddesign.

    I`m proud about and here it is, our megaphät 32C3Intro !

    The final Audio Mastering was made by Peter Bonaventura.

    Greetings to Peter, the Brückner Brothers, Linus  and the CCC Team , to work for and with you was a pleasure !

    32C3 - CCC Congress 2015
    Animation : / Roland and Frederick Brückner
    Music and FX : Erich Lesovsky
    Mastering Peter Bonaventura